Brush Lettering Guidesheets - Fude Smaller Scale Lettering

Brush Lettering Guidesheets - Smaller Scale Lettering using Fude Brush Pen

Use a Tombow Fude Pen or Pentel Touch Sign Pen to create this smaller brush lettering | taught by Lisa & Addi

Course description

These guidesheets are perfect to practice your brush lettering on a smaller scale! If you want to do lettering on envelopes or cards or anything smaller, these are great sheets to practice with. You can use a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen or a Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pen or any other smaller brush pen. These will help you create beautiful lettering!

Lisa  & Addi
Lisa & Addi
Lettering Dream Team

Addi & Lisa have both loved lettering their whole lives. Having taken classes and gone to great lengths to scour the internet, read books, watch tutorials and practice their hearts out, they love sharing their knowledge so you can have a simple and straightforward method to learning the best techniques out there!

Lisa & Addi both love lettering to be able to keep inspiring words around their families to help them feel encouraged and to focus on what really matters. They hope to help you do the same as you surround yourself and your family with words that are meaningful to you!

They both are moms of young kids (7 between them) and love lettering when they can. They also love to laugh and their silly selves so you'll definitely have fun laughing with them throughout each course!

Lisa & Addi

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